Thursday, August 16

Friday, January 28

Saturday, December 25

Friday, December 24

Sunday, October 3

Wednesday, August 18

Sunday, January 24

Saturday, December 26

Thursday, November 19

Wedding Gift

Commissioned a drawing for Derek & Meiting.

Friday, August 7

Tuesday, March 24

Thursday, March 12

Birthday + Anniversary Gift


Draft Concept Sketch
Final Artwork 1

Final Artwork 2


Draft Concept Sketch

Final Artwork

Saturday, February 21

Friday, January 23

CNY + Birthday Gift

(Click to Enlarge)

Tuesday, December 23

A Christmas Gift

Concept Draft Sketches

Final Artwork

Thursday, November 6

A Quick Sketch Caricature:Oct

Caricature drawing of Client

Monday, October 6

A gift of Friendship

Actual Photo

Concept Draft Sketch

Final Artwork

Thursday, September 25

A Quick Sketch: The Bigs

Birthday Gift for my 2 brothers, Calvin & Botak

Sunday, September 21

A Wedding Gift

Commissioned a A3 size B&W Wedding Caricature (to be placed at Wedding Banquet Entrance table area) of Bride and Bridegroom. Above is a photo of them.

Final Artwork (Click to enlarge)

Portrait on actual location